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Looking for Tile Flooring in Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin?

Home and business owners looking for the highest quality tile flooring need look no further. Nova Interiors Inc. is a renovation and remodeling contractor that specializes in installing durable and beautiful tile floors that are exactly right for your home or business’s needs.

Choose from a wide array of models and styles. Select from premium porcelain, ceramic, or the perfect composite to meet your flooring needs. Nova Interiors Inc. can install for you deluxe travertine tile flooring in your bathroom or heavy-duty slip-free ceramic flooring for your commercial kitchen—at rates you won’t believe. It’s service you’ll love at prices you can feel good about.

Where Can I Put Tile Flooring?

Tile is loved by home and business owners alike—and for good reason. Durable, inexpensive, efficient and stylish, when you choose tile flooring for your building you truly get the best of all possible worlds.

Tile flooring looks good in pretty much any design scenario you can imagine. That said, it’s classic in the following rooms of a house or commercial building for good reason:

  • Antechambers, doorways, entranceways
  • Kitchens, both commercial and residential
  • Bathrooms, saunas, steam rooms, locker rooms, showers
  • Workrooms, recreation rooms, and studio spaces
  • Fireplaces
  • Foyers and mezzanines

When it comes to where we can install beautiful tile flooring for you, the only limit is your imagination.

What Are My Options for Tile Flooring When I Choose Nova Interiors Inc.?

As expert flooring contractors with a focus on beautiful, well-laid tile floor designs, we’re willing and able to work with pretty much any material tile can be made from. That said, you can’t go wrong with the following options:

  • Travertine tile flooring. This special, attractive limestone is less expensive than granite and marble but looks just as luxurious. However, its porous structure and severe weakness to acids means that it’s not best for a kitchen floor. For best long-term value, install in low-moisture areas of the home.
  • Ceramic tile flooring. Nova Interiors Inc.’s pioneered the use of high-quality modern ceramic tiles seen in homes and businesses around Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin.
  • Marble tile flooring. Marble’s chilly elegance makes an impression in any home, and Nova Interiors Inc. has the experience needed to properly lay this delicate and valuable material.
  • Granite tile. Stain- and scratch-resistant, granite tile is a superb flooring option for the commercial and residential kitchens of today. This sturdy material will last a lifetime—especially when installed and maintained by the pros at Nova Interiors Inc..
  • Engineered stone tiling. This sophisticated composite material combines the best of natural stone tile with the durability of resin flooring. Perfect for indoor commercial applications, inexpensive, and easy to maintain.

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