Granite Countertops in Las Vegas

If you are looking for a simple, yet effective way to transform your kitchen space, installing high-quality custom granite countertops is a great place to start. Granite is a durable, sleek, and beautiful countertop solution that can last and be enjoyed for many years.

Our expert team of remodeling specialists has been providing professional countertop replacement and installation services in Las Vegas for many years. We take pride in our commitment to client care and satisfaction.

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Transform Your Kitchen with Custom Countertops

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's more than just a space to try new recipes and make food for your loved ones, it is also where people gather to bond and make lasting memories.

As a space that is so beloved and heavily used, your kitchen should be comfortable, beautiful, and practical. Installing granite countertops will allow you to achieve a sleek and modern look while also being able to count on a surface that is sturdy and durable.

Completing a full kitchen remodel can be a significant undertaking, but installing new countertops is a fantastic way to add aesthetics and value to your space without spending a whole lot.

For more information about the custom granite options we have available, don't hesitate to reach out and discuss your vision with our experts today.

The Many Benefits of Choosing Granite

Granite countertops have been beloved by homeowners and kitchen designers for years. As they continue to grow in popularity, you may be asking yourself, what are the benefits to installing granite? We have some answers for you.

The Advantages of Choosing Granite


Perhaps the most obvious benefit to investing in granite countertops is their beauty. Granite can really elevate a kitchen space and make it feel more luxurious.


Granite is a lot stronger and more durable than other popular countertop options. It is very practical in the kitchen as it is nearly completely scratch resistant.


Another major benefit of installing granite in the kitchen is its resistance to heat. That's right, you can set down a hot pan or tray, right on the counter without causing any damage.


The fourth and final advantage we would like to highlight is stain resistance. Unlike some other counters, when sealed properly, granite counters will not stain. You don't have to worry about spilling liquids as they will not be absorbed and can simply be wiped away.

Working with Our Countertop Experts

If you are interested in investing in the many benefits of granite for your home, you've come to the right place. Our highly experienced team of experts has been completing fast and efficient granite countertop installations in Las Vegas for many years. We will use the utmost care and respect when working in your home, from ensuring that your new counters are installed and sealed seamlessly, to conducting a thorough clean up once the project is completed.

Your Source for Granite Countertop Excellence

Transform your kitchen today with an immaculate granite countertop from Nova Interiors Inc. Our team of remodeling experts is your trusted source for top-notch countertop installation that will look stunning and last for years to come. Increase the value of your property and make it a more enjoyable place overall with our high-quality stone countertops. Our professional installation and premium quality stone make us the natural choice for remodeling your kitchen.

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Full-Service Countertop Installation

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and outstanding service for gorgeous kitchen countertops. From start to finish, you can count on us to assist with all stages of your countertop remodeling. Some of the ways we can serve you include:

  • Granite sales and sourcing
  • Transportation of raw or finished materials
  • Granite polishing, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Countertop construction and refinishing
  • Skillful installation
  • And more!

If you have questions about our excellent countertop options, contact us to speak with one of our experts.

No-Obligation Consultations on Our Exquisite Countertops

Remodeling your kitchen isn't a decision you should make lightly. You want to take the time to weigh out your options and make sure you are choosing the best materials and company for the job. That's why we are happy to provide in-depth consultations and free estimates on all our services. We give you the information you need to make an educated decision about revamping your home. And our staff will address all your questions and concerns so you can be confident in your decision.

Extensive Granite Countertop Options

Every home is unique. That is why Nova Interiors Inc. has a catalog of countertop styles and granite colors so you can find the perfect match for your home. Our remodeling experts can help you choose a stone countertop that compliments the design of your kitchen and makes your property shine. We only use granite from high-quality sources, so you can always count on us to give you a gorgeous and functional countertop that stands the test of time.

Countertop Contractors with Exception Customer Service

What sets us apart? We go above and beyond to deliver our phenomenal countertops with the utmost commitment to customer satisfaction. Our attentive and friendly staff will make sure you are content throughout the entire process so that you have an overall pleasant experience and receive the kitchen you have been dreaming of. Over the years, we have established a reputation as local leaders in kitchen remodeling because of our honest and dependable service and reasonable prices.

Efficient Granite Countertop Installation

Our experience and strong work ethic give us the skills we need to complete any job quickly and correctly. We are happy to book consultations within 24 hours of when you contact our business. Our professional staff will work diligently to give you fast turnarounds on our marvelous countertop installation. Transform your kitchen today with our prompt service.

Granite Countertops: A Vision of Luxury for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Homeowners in Las Vegas know that appearances matter. In a city that’s constantly—perhaps unfairly—judged for its focus on style over substance, we’re in a unique spot to realize that sometimes, the steak doesn’t live up to the sizzle. And that’s okay.

But we at Nova Interiors Inc. guarantee that nobody has ever said that about granite countertops.

With granite countertops, the style is the substance. Literally! The amazing design that will make your home look totally unique is right there in the composition of the rock itself.

And considering the fact that granite rock makes up a majority of the Earth’s crust, this material is a sustainable choice for homeowners looking for a stunning building material to add charm and character to any Las Vegas home.

Granite has other awesome benefits too. It’s durable, for one, from the vast majority of household incidents that might happen in a kitchen. While it may chip if you go at it with a hammer, the everyday abuse that most Las Vegas residents might inflict on it won’t leave a dent.

The greatest selling point, though? I mean, just look at it. Granite is gorgeous.

Whereas marble is chilly and stately, granite is the attention-seeking beauty—the man or woman who walks into the room and draws all eyes to them.

You can polish and bevel it to fit the decor of any bathroom or kitchen. But granite’s best character is right there in the rock for everyone to see.

When you partner with Nova Interiors Inc. to install new granite countertops in your Las Vegas home, you know you’ll be getting the absolute best value for money—and the absolute best selection of granite countertops to choose from.

So, what’s the downside? We’d argue that there isn’t any.

But there is one thing we need to talk about: the cost.

Granite Countertops Cost: Not as Bad as You’ve Heard

When you choose to install granite countertops in the kitchen or bathroom of your Las Vegas home, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to take out a second mortgage or a home equity line of credit.

While it’s true that the average cost of granite countertops is anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000, Nova Interiors Inc. can work with your budget to create an amazing-looking end product that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

For example, you don’t need to source the granite from us if you can find a wholesaler willing to sell to you. (That said, our line is so breathtaking it’ll be hard to resist). Nova Interiors Inc. comes in and finishes the polishing, beveling, and cutting of the raw material for you—at a lower total price.

Ultimately, however, you get what you pay for, and when you pay for granite countertops in your Las Vegas home, you get a durable and beautiful natural material that can last for generations.

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