Granite Countertops in Henderson

The Best Choice for Homeowners Looking for Granite Countertops in Henderson

Looking for the highest quality granite countertops near you? Nova Interiors Inc. installs, sells, repairs and maintains the absolute best granite countertops for homeowners in Henderson, NV. We source you exceptional granite straight from the quarry at prices you won’t believe, and our installation is efficient, professional, and picture-perfect. Simply put, Nova Interiors Inc.’s the best choice for anybody looking to have granite countertops installed in their home.

Granite Countertops in Henderson Kitchens

Granite countertops are a favorite of Henderson homeowners for their kitchens for one very simple reason: granite’s an incredible material. With a durability rating of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, granite is very resistant to chips, cracks, and scratches. But that’s not the only reason homeowners love it: its water-resistant nature means that, with the right sealant, it’s resistant to spills and stains.

It also just looks plain beautiful. A good-quality slab of granite can take your breath away. The natural variations in the stone make each piece as completely unique as you are.

The best part? Home buyers love granite too. If you ever plan to put your property on the market one day, investing in granite countertops can see a hefty return on that investment.

It’s also extremely heat-resistant. No need for trenchers or chargers anymore; just put the hot pan directly onto the countertop as you cook! Durability, strength, beauty, and value: those are just some of the reasons you should invest in granite countertops for your home today.

Granite Countertops in Your Home’s Bathroom

Granite makes a superior choice for bathroom countertops too. It’s porous, yes, but it won’t decay in humid conditions. To keep it looking beautiful year-round in your bathroom, you ought to seal it—or have Nova Interiors Inc. seal it for you—but it’s an afternoon’s work every two to five years to prevent stains and keep your granite looking fabulous.

Granite countertops in your bathroom are the capstone of any beautiful bathroom renovation or design. Nova Interiors Inc. excels on integrating luxurious details—like granite countertops—into any bathroom renovation design.

Choose from dramatic colors and solid lines, or lighter options to integrate into any décor plan.

Want to know more about the selection of granite countertops we have ready for your bathroom? Call us to learn more!

How Can I Have My Granite Countertops Installed by Nova Interiors Inc.?

If you want granite countertops installed at some of the best prices anywhere in Henderson, give us a call. We’re happy to give you a free estimate or to help you source the granite countertops of your dreams.

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